Mindful Worldly Path Coaching

by Conditions for Change, LLC


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According to Oxford Languages:

Being MINDFUL is:

"focusing one's awareness on the present moment, especially as part of a therapeutic* or meditative technique." 

Being WORLDLY is:

"of or concerned with material values or ordinary life rather than a spiritual existence." 

A PATH is:

"a course of action or conduct."

A life COACH*:

is "a person who counsels and encourages clients on matters having to do with careers or personal challenges." 

According to Jen Erickson MA:

People crave stability. We want to be secure in our personal and professional lives. So, we gather and guard connections, wealth, property, and accomplishments. 

This is the stuff of a worldly path. 

We also crave meaning beyond what we can possess, achieve, control, and measure. We want to let go of attachment, venture new territory for the sake of growth, navigate hard times and situations with genuine compassion. 

This is the stuff of a spiritual path.

Mindfulness practices that clarify the intersection of the  worldly and spiritual paths at a personal level can lead to greater presence, understanding, and patience in all our roles and relationships. 

Jen's mission: 

To guide individuals in mindfulness practices that inspire awareness, identify obstacles, reduce conflict, inform decision-making, ground communication, and improve performance in personal and professional realms.

Jen's vision:

To mitigate mindless materialism and ambition. To encourage the awake, aware, alert, altruistic activities of individuals, and by extension to promote the optimal functioning of their various systems, toward their joyful, beneficial impact in the world.

Jen's clients:

Academics, artists, athletes, domestic bosses, business owners, health care providers, therapists, spiritual practitioners. 

Jen coaches local PA residents in person, inside or outside in nature, hiking/walking or sitting still. 

She coaches clients who live anywhere else in the world by way of video. 

Call (610) 427-0698 or email worldlypathcoaching@gmail.com.

Jen is a certified facilitator of Feeding Your Demons® and centers her self-regulation and presencing exercises with individuals around that mindfulness practice.

She has been a therapist* for 16 years, a mindfulness practitioner for 12, an athlete for 30, and a dog and cat lover forever

Jen is alive to the ups/downs, gains/losses, labors/fruits, regressions/resilience in business, sports, relationships, health, and spirituality. She values and practices what she preaches

Jen's pro-ratable fee is $108 per 40 minutes, which equates to $162 per 60 minutes

A three-visit minimum is recommended for maximum insight: (1) 40 minutes prepping @ $108, (2) 80 minutes practicing @ $216, (3) 40 minutes processing @ $108. 

Mini retreats combine the three steps into one cycle, with breaks and additional practice included, for a total of 160 minutes @ $432.

Full-day and two-day retreats include two or four cycles, breaks/lunch, and additional practices. Pricing on request.

Coaching with Jen may be right for you if

You're a spiritual person on a worldly path, wanting to work more accurately and confidently with practical, emotional, relational obstacles.

You're not necessarily spiritual, maybe mindfulness-curious, open to becoming more familiar with stressful personal and interpersonal patterns. 

You're professionally stable, looking to reignite energy and enthusiasm for work.

You're generally emotionally stable, not particularly struggling with mental illness, addiction, dissociation, or suicidality. 

You're experienced with therapy or in recovery and motivated to creatively explore/expand and apply insights gained via those routes.

You're imaginative, creative, and aware, already engaging or curious about breathing and visualization practices.

You're creatively or athletically backsliding or blocked

You're experiencing a transition that has rocked but not sunk your boat.

You're willing for outside therapy* if coaching reveals a need for it.

Coaching with Jen is not right for you if: 

You're struggling with serious mental illness, addiction, dissociation, or suicidality.

You know or suspect you have unaddressed trauma in your history. 

You're in significant emotional, physical, relational, legal, or financial distress.

You're not interested in mindfulness, guided meditation, or breathwork. 

*Important Clarifications and Disclaimers: If you are seeking therapy with Jen in her role as a licensed professional counselor, you're not quite in the right place, so click here. Therapy and Coaching are not the same. Therapy treats diagnosable mental illness, focusing on past and present dysfunction and relevant treatments, and tends toward longer duration. Coaching assumes reasonable mental health, focuses on present and future functioning, and is geared toward briefer duration engagement. Jen can discuss the differences with you as well as the stipulations and opportunities that go along with a coaching relationship with her. Please note that even though Jen is not acting as a therapist in this coaching work, as a licensed therapist she is always a mandated reporter of child/elderly abuse and/or threats of suicide or homicide
Privacy Policy: Jen doesn't knowingly share or sell your info, no matter who you are or where you live, unless required to do so (1) by law or (2) according to her best judgment in order to ensure someone's safety. Our video sessions and forms and notes concerning you are held via Simple Practice. Emails go through Gmail and payments are collected through a Venmo Business account. Please let Jen know if you have any questions or concerns about privacy.
Mindful Worldly Path Coaching is a d/b/a owned by Conditions for Change, LLC.